Amica \\" A Casa Mia" Kit - for homemade pizza.

Kit consisting of a pizza peel, tray and cutting wheel: everything you need to make and serve a tasty and excellent pizza as in a pizzeria. Making homemade pizza has never been easier!

The set includes:
Aluminum pizza peel with 25 cm handle and 30 or 33 cm head depending on the size chosen. It is made of anodized aluminum, assembled to the head by means of 2 very resistant in-line rivets, which make the peel stable and extremely durable over time. The shape of the peel is ideal for cooking pizzas up to 33 cm in diameter and the size is designed to be used in traditional electric ovens, gas ovens and domestic wood ovens. Weight: 305g / 495g Aluminum tray with hexagonal shape and petal edges, perfect for allowing the wheel to easily cut the pizza into equal parts.
The tray is the support base for standard size pizzas (max 33 cm). Weight: 490 gr

Professional wheel for cutting pizza with 10 cm stainless steel blade, ergonomic plastic handle, food certified.

100% Made in Italy

Cleaning and maintenance
All the components of the kit are easily washable; It is advisable to wash the product by hand with non-aggressive detergents. Do not wash in the dishwasher. If abrasive sponges are used, the material may be scratched.

Complete your kit with the purchase of the Gi.Metal baking steel for optimal pizza cooking in a few minutes.

A line designed for pizza makers who prepare pizza using their home oven and search for tools that facilitate the success of an excellent pizza to be enjoyed with the family. Quality tools, light, easy to handle, without having to give up a refined and pleasant aesthetic.

(*) the baking steel in the secondary pictures is sold separately.

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