CAMSQUARES - LIDSKeep ingredients fresh, safe, and spill-free with the color-coded CamSquare Covers! These snap-tight lids fit all CamSquares. Includes thumb tabs at the corner for easy removal, while maintaining a freshness extending seal. At-a-glance, match the right lid to the right container with three bold colors for small, medium, and large sizes. For additional ease, Poly and Translucent container graduations are color-matched to the correct lids. Guaranteed dishwasher safe for frequent and safe storage use. The CamSquare Cover is a versatile lid that always fits your CamSquare storage solution, with unbeatable quality!

Offers a snap-tight seal for lasting freshness
Fits all CamSquare containers
Color-coded for quick organization
Includes easy removal thumb tabs
Dishwasher safe

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