mobile ingredients storage binDesigned for incredible ease, Cambro ingredient bins encourage food safe practices and waste reduction. Ideal for bulk ingredients like flour and grain, a hygienic clear sliding lid allows for quick content identification. This reduces unnecessary opening and handling for added safety and savings. With bins made of NSF-listed, FDA-accepted material, no liners are needed for minimal waste. the mobile ingredient bins are designed to fit under standard work tables, to integrate with your current kitchen prep environment. Cambro ingredient bins are the choice for durability and versatility in any restaurant style.

Stores bulk ingredients like flour, sugar, and grain
FDA-accepted material for bins removes need for liners
Hygienic clear sliding lid reduces handling to prevent waste
3" (7,6 cm) casters offer excellent stability and weight bearing
S-Hook included for hanging scoop conveniently in front
Designed to fit under standard work tables
Personalization available
Find the right storage product for your flour, sugar & other ingredients with our Dry Storage Calculator

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