POLY FLAT LIDS FOR FOOD BOXESSecure bulk ingredients with durable Flat Lids, creating a complete protection system with Poly Food Boxes. Withstanding stains and chemicals, Flat Lids are designed from economical, highly durable material that limits light exposure to contents. Reduce cross contamination with covers that will not slip during transport or storage, stacking easily with molded-in rails. Extend the freshness of ingredients and eliminate hazards with the easy choice in food storage, the easy-to-use Poly Flat Lids.

Use to reduce risk of cross contamination
Lids won’t come off during storage or transport
Impact, chemical, and stain resistance for durability
Withstands -40°F to 160°F (-40°C to 70°C)
Top molded-in rails for stacking
Dishwasher safe

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