TUNNEL STONE CONVEYER OVEN - ELECTRIC (TSE)TUNNEL STONE: the only static electric conveyor belt oven, which cooks directly on refractory stone. Ease of use, perfect cooking and very low consumption allow it to be used even by non-specialized personnel.

The tunnel stone electric oven is excellent for cooking many products, such as pizzas, focaccia, Arabian bread, tortillas, chicken wings, meats.

- Conveyer belt with refractory stone fillets
- Conveyer belt with copper steel mesh
- Stainless steel shielded resistors
- Adjustable conveyer belt speed
- Independent digital temperature regulation for baking floor and ceiling(optional)
- Thermal insulation
- Maximum temperature 450 degrees Celsius
- The external temperature of the oven remains around 30°C.
- +30% cooking capacity vs convection models
- Crumb collecting removal trays for easier cleaning
- Self-lubricated bearings for simplified maintenance
- Adjustable inlet and outlet shutters
- Tray holder level support with wheels


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