TUNNEL STONE GAS OVEN (TSG)TUNNEL STONE GAS: the only static gas conveyor belt oven, which cooks directly on refractory stone, has atmospheric burners with safety valves located under the hob.

Tunnel stone gas electric conveyer oven has cooking chambers with independent electronic temperature regulation for the baking floor and ceiling, can easily be controlled and set by operator and they guarantee excellent cooking results of any sort.

Tunnel is excellent for cooking many products, such as pizzas, focaccia, Arabian bread, tortillas, bruschetta, chicken wings, meats.

- Atmospheric burners with safety valves located under the hob.
- Conveyer belt with refractory stone fillets
- Adjustable conveyer belt speed
- Independent digital temperature regulation for baking floor and ceiling(optional)
- Thermal insulation
- Maximum temperature 450 degrees Celsius
- The external temperature of the oven remains around 30°C.
- +30% cooking capacity vs convection models
- Crumb collecting removal trays for easier cleaning
- Self-lubricated bearings for simplified maintenance
- Adjustable inlet and outlet shutters
- Tray holder level support with wheels


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