WINDY T/M GAS OVENWindy T (Touchscreen) &Windy M (mechanical)Combo electric oven with digital or mechanical controls.
Electric/gas oven for gastronomy, pastry and bread.

Manual cooking represents the traditional way of cooking, where the cook demonstrates all of his skill by implementing the cooking settings according to his needs. With the new Windy ventilated oven all of this is done a just a few seconds.
It consists of a ventilated direct injection oven with adjustable speed fan and a static oven with cooking chamber in aluminized sheet steel and refractory hob.

-Touch screen control
- Favorite's function
- USB connection
- Self cleaning system
- Hart probe multi points
- Possibility to save more than 100 receipts
- Adjustment of humidity
- Multi speed fan
- Direct steam injection
- Gastronomy & pastry
- Fast cooling
- Humidifier
- Chamber lighting
- Bidirectional fan
- Pre-heating function
- Cooking with (T) touch screen
- Regeneration
- Door with openable internal glass

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